Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Is Halloween

  • Halloween - inspired mixtape !! 
    • Rah Rah !!
  • On hallows eve (weekend) I wore my 'celery' dress and moccasins
  • Met up with my friends Kelsey and Rachael to carve pumpkins 
    • and later went to a party with Rachael and our friend Irem!! 
    • *toot* *toot* *partyhorn*
  • Some cool Halloween gifs  !!
  • && Here are the pumpkins I carved with my friend Rachael!
    • My pumpkin turned out to be a "Queasy Cat" !! - her's was a shark!! *Rawr*
      • Haha
    • I had so much fun. Happy :)

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