Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gettin' Down in B-Town

  • Got some old photos layin' around.
  • Took this when I went to see "Celeste + Jesse Forever" with my friend Mia 
  • We were so pumped to see this movie - it'd been on my MUST ABSOLUTELY SEE list for a looong while.
    • I mean, common - Rashida Jones and Andy Samburg? - SOLD !!
    • Plust the trailer and everything outside of this major factor did it for me.
  • The movie turned out to be so much more depressing than I had expected - I just wanted to cry for dayz. 
        • But I still loveeeed it. ♥
    • Everyone in this movie is amazing.
    • The soundtrack is good too!!
  • Props all around to Rashida Jones and her overall amazing-ness.

  • Aaaand more randum stufff
  • Stay Cool, Ya'll. (& a song or two from "Celeste + Jesse Forever")

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