Sunday, March 29, 2015

gaddamn we ain't even gotta scale

gaddamn we ain't even got a scale
walk up in the label like wer da chick doe

switchin up the angles, now im in tha rolls w illuminated angels

4-5 chains made of gold gettin tangled

my been said the first meal gunna change ya 

change for the betta
keep tha shit togeva

gaddamn we ain't even got a scale
ain't a damn thing changed, u can still get ta work

my coworkers mom is a maje cutie makin these tiny baby birds :) 
mclovin work and the mall. worked all day today and hung out w my friend at outback steak house, but not b4 makin her take my pic in front of a child-made mosaic. 
at the mall again went lookin thru some cat care books @ barnes n noble. meow.