Tuesday, April 22, 2014

// // Happy Birthday Earth!! // // // // // // //

Like, OMG.
Happy Birthday Earth!!
today is like, earthday. omg. ya.

I've been catching up/REWATCHING the O.C.
remember when Summer became an
Ya. I'm not there yet. 
Summer Roberts speaks for the trees. 

Play some Coconut Records Here: 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Got, Got Stars In My Eyes..

* Gwen stefani *
* gwen Stefani *
* beads *
* beads * 
* stars *
* eyes *
* side tattoo *
* carnival dates *
* lunch dates *
* emma roberts *
* and *
* evan peters *
* forevs *
* green *
* green *
* Brooke Shields *
* the blue lagoon *
Just a gif I made sorting thru more junk on my computer. 
"It is so lovely to b bloomin !"
Fake English
Mish mash

Was supes obsessed with jaden smith rapping. Makes me feel so old his words are so younnnnnnnnngggggg.
~ ah what the young people say these days ~

And Ellie Golding glitter sparkle starry eyes. ~forevs

Sunday, April 6, 2014

green blue - back in the day - green blue

Oink oink 
Piggly wiggly pictures from back when I was livin dat dorm lyfe.
Wearin my glassies, forever 21 scarf, abercrombie flannel, lands end shirt & pants, andddd my minnetonka moccasins. 
legit almost everything is from my high school wardrobe.  :O :O :O !!!
snapped the background pic from my trip ta NOLA/mardi gras.
now feel so long agooooooo.

Pics of:
Josiah McElheny, “Endlessly Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism” (2007)
one of my faveeeee art pieces.
i first saw it in Boston's ICA, and then AGAIN in Boston's MFA!!
I could just get sucked into staring at it for hours on end. it makes me feel sad and lonely and loney and sad in a scary and beautiful mesmerizing way... magic!

an insta-pic from back around after spring break? OCTOBA? OCTOBER?
I cannot remember. 
but these were lil beers that looked like red stripes - in cute pudgy wudgy bottles and you cld play 
wit da caps!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Like, Omg Becky.

Took this baq @ the grocery store in Jefferson parish.
These look like maje gossip fish! 

Still combing thru all the random phone photos I got stashed away on diff places. I might as well give up on announcin it to m'self! 
To hell with chronology. But wen I practice disorganization it a rude awakening to da truth. 
GiT it together girl! 
Today I sat around alllllll day listening to radiolab podcasts. Started with te one on Rosenberg 
(tried to embed it, but it wouldn't work :( ) 
video of the band at timber by switch! singin catchy tunes. i loved it!
that night there was two birthdays in the room and a girl and her husband came on stage to sing/rap! hilarious! so fun!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope" !!!

Made these gifs a lil while after I saw Alfred Hitchcock's "ROPE" !!!!!!
I had so much anticipation tho for a twisty turny ride and unexpected surprises but I was actually a lil bummed out by the ending
The end just made me feel empty and lonely and sad - but maybe that was the point. 
I wrote so many notes wen I watched da movie, but I'm still n the fence if I wanna write something long abt it. 
I so did some research abt the ACTUAL guys it was based on. 
Pretty interesting.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

i'm ready to go; foot on the gas.

 been looking for more things to do with my free time these days
Was cruising through the marine mammal center website & saw THIS GUYYY
His cutie face and knowing look just crack me up 
In addition to adopting cuties like chippy you can help weigh and take care of bb seals!!!!!! 
It's beeeeeeeeeen raining these past few days like I forgot the atmosphere could
Made me think of Hilary duff's music video/song "come clean"
Tried to find it on YouTube. No results.
The come clean music video is a cinematic treasure.

Lots of ppl pretending to b pregnant on April fools. 
Tryin to b less snarky on twitter but it's hard. In a twitter identity crisis.

One of the first days I didn't spend sitting at my computer in sweatpants!
Wearin literally errthing frm target! (Almost)
Glasses, raincoat, brown crew neck sweater.

I like dressin old lady comfy style 
Cuffed jeans for my short legZ
Socks so my loafers extra snugly 
For my piggie poo feet.
Also relistening 2 "because the internet" 
Got "telegraph ave" on REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT.