Thursday, December 27, 2012

Man Ray

  • A loooooooooooooong time ago I went to the Man Ray and Lee Miller exhibit at SF's legion of fine arts!! 
    • Ohh la laaaaa
    • The legion of arts really looks like a mini palace and is verrryy beautiful clean inside.

  • It was supah foggy that day 
  • And I looove these crazy trees :P
  • Included some images from the Man Ray exhibit. 
    • Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes 
      • and
    • Lips Lips Lips Lips
  • Here is a view of the exhibit signboard - security wouldn't let me take a photo, but I found one on Instagram :/ 
    • Ah Well :P
  • Also added some kewl Man Ray films! 
  • Verrry out of dis world !! WEEOWWOWWZZA
    • I personally think the one of (artiste muse) KiKi is particularly creepy :P
      • whoooooo shivers 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here !!! :-D :-D :-D

  • Made an actual, true-blue, 100% Christmas Playlist for this week!! :D 
    • Yay! So happy Christmas is here!! 
    • Going to go to a Christmas partayy with my parents later today and am super pumped for food, friends and puppies galore!! :D :D :D 
    • I love holidays - or really any institutionalized excuse to make merry! and celebrate!
      • *woo hoo*
  • Have this old picture from when I was still at school wearing - my striped cranberry shirt, pink leopard scarf, jeans, sparkly earrings, old thrifted ambervision glasses (one of the temple pieces broke off :( but they still stay on my face!! amazing!! haha.) and of course sneakers!
  • Also, since being home I made sure to stop by my local library and read some fun books - instead of study books :-P !!!
    • I'm starting with "King Kong" - I haven't seen the movie yet, but that will definitely be next. 
  • There are about 3 versions of King Kong (as far as I know) so well see how that goes. 
    • Here is a trailer for the 1976 version with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges !
      • It's also interesting that King Kong uncovers several underlying social issues and sigmas ... 
    •  Also added a video of The Kinks performing "Apeman"
  • Just ending this off with some lovely Christmas/Holiday gifs :DD aww. ♥

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thinking of you..

  • Just looking through my phone and found some extra photos from the holidaze ;)
  • Over Thanksgiving break I went to NOLA to see my fam-bam :D
  • Had some Cafe Du Monde of course - a MUST have ♥ ♥
    • I love my coffee and beignets!!  
      • #caffeineaddict
    • aaaannndd in New Orleans they make their coffee with a cold percolation system so you get this amazing rich, thick coffee goodness!!
      • Instead of having hot coffee with cold milk - it's the other way around!!
      • I ♥ iced cafe au lait !! <3>
    • Ahh mayun, Thanksgiving was soo long ago! 
  • Also, found these photos I took this this 8bit app I'm totally obsessed with!!
    • It takes 8bit photos just like a Gameboy camera !! 
    • Got some pichas of my cousin lookin gawwggouse (like always) and me lookin' goofy (like always). Harhar. :-P
  • Also found this outfit photo - wearing my leopard collar dress, ripped tights (like, absurdly ripped & shredded - but only in the back...), and my minnetonkas :)
  • Brought my instax mini camera on holiday too & got these precious photos of my familia ♥
    • Awwwwee, miss them 
  • And some songs about thinking about people..
    • Side notes:
      • a ) Frank Ocean is from NOLA! Holla, y'all!
      • b) how much does his guitarist look like John Mayer?? 
        • #doppelgangersighting  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hair Done. Nails Done. Errthang Did.

  • Just watched "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" this week and I cant believe it took me so long to actually see it. 
    • This week's playlist is inspired by 80s movies - I forgot how much I love them!!
  • It's got that totally random, broken story line 80s movie feel to it. It was soo great and cheesy. 
  • The best parts were the dance TV scenes - and Helen Hunt's costumes!!
    • I am so in love with her grasshopper hat!! ♥
  • I've also included some additional images:
    • A gif of vintage Katherine Heigl lookin' banggggin from "Wish Upon a Star"  - another movie I love. 
    • Plus this amazing photo of Baby Spice and Scary Spice :) #gurlpowaa
      • Apparently the UK is airing a Spice Girl TV special on Christmas Day.
        • Woaaa. Gotta see it!
  • Plus me in da 'nail cave'
    • Wearing my fluuffyy scarf, fisherman sweater, uniqlo striped leggings, minnetonka mocccs and my jelly purse!! :) :) :)
      • on my way to get my nails did !! #yay

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Betty, la fea. :O :O :O !!!!!!

  • I have been re-watching episodes of UGLY BETTY!! one of my all time favorite shows. 
    • I forgot how funny the show's jokes were and I just love Betty's gumption, go-getter attitude & of course da fashion!! :D
      • Betty totally inspires me to work harder, dream bigger and live in New York!! 
      • Harrrrharrrr I am so cheesy and wayy too emotionally attached to TV shows. :(
        • #UnhealthyAttachments
    • Amanda & Mark were def my two most favorite characters ;)
    • Plus, I'm just starting to realize how many amazing guest stars "Ugly Betty" had like: 
      • Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from "Modern Family") - without beard!! :O
      • Annalynne McCord (Naomi from "90210")
      • Bernadette Peters (!!!!!)
        • aaaaaaayyyyyuuunnndddd moarrrr!! 
        • soo good! :D

  • Weather has been getting colder, and it was time to break out the footsie pajamas!!
    •  Footsie pjs are def good therapy, keepin all the warm snuggly vibes inside and close to your soul!!
      • Also just so soft :)
    • I am just so happy that my tests are ovaaaa and I can just be a onesie potato. ;P
      • #onesieswagg
    • Also did a little searching around and found a trailer for both the Spanish and Filipino versions of Betty la fea.
      • They are gold!! haha. :DDD

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finals Finals Finals

  • Made a combo TV/Christmas playlist :))
    • Watched all of HBO "Girls" Season 1 episodes and the music they play is fun & boppin'
      • It took me a little while to jump up on that bandwagon, but don't worry - I'm officially hooked now.
    • Once Lena Dunham came to my school for a special screening of her film "Tiny Furniture"
      • and I think it's so funny how they characters she writes for herself are NOTHING like her in real life
      • She is so bubbly and pretty engaging 

  • This week, I surprised my friend Morgan with cupcakes for her birthday!!
    • *Confetti*
    • *Birthday Cheer*
    • *Birthday Smiles*
  • The supermarket was selling special Hanukah cupcakes with these cool lightbulb rings in them!!
    • I am obsessed with mine!!
    • I love cupcake rings!! :D

  • Had to take a group picture for work so I wore my: 
    • Land's End Fisherman Sweater, flower skirt from Francesca's, muddy/tye-dye blue & purple-brown tights, green ribbon ;D, & sneaksssszz
  • Seeing as it's reading period for finals my sleeping habits have been particularly erratic 
    • Weeeoowwzzaaa 
      • #ZZZzzzZZZzzz 
      • #Melatonin 
      • #Delusional
  • It's been really icy-cold outside these days, I'm talking about 30-sumthin' degrees out 
    • But still, there hasn't been any snow 
    • Honestly, I'm pretty thankful for the no snow :P

  • Also just finished writing a paper on Yayoi Kusama for one of my classes. 
    • Lots of spots. spots. spots. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marina & the Diamonds!!! :D

  • Ohhhh Laaaa Laaaaaa
    • over the weekend I went to see MARINA & THE DIAMONDS in concert!!!!!!
  • She is one of my absolute style icons!!
    • And her songs, I love those too!! Haha.
      • Posted a few of my favorite here :)

  • Wore a lil' ribbon in my hair, black turtleneck, Madewell overall jumper ♥ ♥ , my punctuation tights from American Apparel, sneakers & a weeee little heart on my cheek (other cheek :X haha.) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
  • Marina was aaahhh-maaahhh-zinggggg! :D