Thursday, December 27, 2012

Man Ray

  • A loooooooooooooong time ago I went to the Man Ray and Lee Miller exhibit at SF's legion of fine arts!! 
    • Ohh la laaaaa
    • The legion of arts really looks like a mini palace and is verrryy beautiful clean inside.

  • It was supah foggy that day 
  • And I looove these crazy trees :P
  • Included some images from the Man Ray exhibit. 
    • Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes 
      • and
    • Lips Lips Lips Lips
  • Here is a view of the exhibit signboard - security wouldn't let me take a photo, but I found one on Instagram :/ 
    • Ah Well :P
  • Also added some kewl Man Ray films! 
  • Verrry out of dis world !! WEEOWWOWWZZA
    • I personally think the one of (artiste muse) KiKi is particularly creepy :P
      • whoooooo shivers 

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