Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This Is Halloween

  • Halloween - inspired mixtape !! 
    • Rah Rah !!
  • On hallows eve (weekend) I wore my 'celery' dress and moccasins
  • Met up with my friends Kelsey and Rachael to carve pumpkins 
    • and later went to a party with Rachael and our friend Irem!! 
    • *toot* *toot* *partyhorn*
  • Some cool Halloween gifs  !!
  • && Here are the pumpkins I carved with my friend Rachael!
    • My pumpkin turned out to be a "Queasy Cat" !! - her's was a shark!! *Rawr*
      • Haha
    • I had so much fun. Happy :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girls Girls Girlz

  • This week's playlist was inspired by Girls! 
    • I saw this pretty interesting lip-dub type video PSA featuring all these cool girls & Lesley Gore's song "You Don't Own Me"
  • Halloween is right around the corner & that means one of my most favorite pastimes is completely justified..
    • Looking at dogs in costume !!
    • Puppy Palloozzzaaa !! 
    • This one of Evita was THE BEST
  • Also wearing my striped boys shirt, alexa chung for madewell jumper ♥ ♥, converse high top sneakerz, and my ice cream earrings ! :)

  • I also went out to dinner with my co-workers this week to a place called "Fire & Ice"
    • It's like Mongolian BBQ - or so I'm told. I've never been before. 
    • It was so much fun!! 
    • I had a shirley temple and all this buffet food and corny music and I was singing and dancing out of control!
    • One of the best parts was the resturant's decor - it was like we were all eating in some 90s movie. It was AMAZING!!
      • None of us had reception during dinner and we kept joking that it was bc we were stuck in some 90s twilight zone.
        • Happy

  • Also, a few additional songs I've been listening to with A$AP Rocky
    • I really like his music, but only his unreleased/collab stuff 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gettin' Down in B-Town

  • Got some old photos layin' around.
  • Took this when I went to see "Celeste + Jesse Forever" with my friend Mia 
  • We were so pumped to see this movie - it'd been on my MUST ABSOLUTELY SEE list for a looong while.
    • I mean, common - Rashida Jones and Andy Samburg? - SOLD !!
    • Plust the trailer and everything outside of this major factor did it for me.
  • The movie turned out to be so much more depressing than I had expected - I just wanted to cry for dayz. 
        • But I still loveeeed it. ♥
    • Everyone in this movie is amazing.
    • The soundtrack is good too!!
  • Props all around to Rashida Jones and her overall amazing-ness.

  • Aaaand more randum stufff
  • Stay Cool, Ya'll. (& a song or two from "Celeste + Jesse Forever")

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hustle Cat

  • This week's playlist is less hustle and more sad sad sleepytyme.
  • Been gettin' my job hustle on 
  • My co-worker Bianca got this cup as a congratulatory gift for her boyfriend and his new job!!
    • I'm mighty jealous.
      • Hustle Cat! 
      • #MeowPower

  • I got dressed up to go to my school's job fair
  • I hate dressing professional cause I don't exactly feel professional - just awkward.
  • I wore my one & only blazer, prized alexa chung for madewell dress, green granny earrings, black tights and nude flats.
    • Professional Hustle Strength *!(#($&#&@
    • Job fairs make me so nervous!
      • Especially since they're so convention-style :(
      • But I got in there!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

When elephants fight..

"When elephants fight, the grass hurts."

During his speech Mr. Goh quoted this amazing African proverb, and pulled out this old watercolor I did to match the quote.
This past week I went to Harvard to see former Singaporean Prime Minister Mr. Goh Chok Tong speak about Singapore in the world economy. I personally don't know much about economics, but I was inspired by his perspectives on how a world economy should work. Mr. Goh talked a lot about how as a small state in the world economy, Singapore works to make itself useful to other countries. He  emphasized how Singapore actively works to build and strengthen partnerships and get countries to work collectively as a whole.
I liked the idea of teamwork Mr. Goh emphasized and that competition isn't necessarily a bad thing, but actually healthy for economic growth.
Outside of these points, I was just excited to hear and be around Singaporeans. With my family being from Singapore I have such a great love for the country and its people - but my greatest fear is that it is losing what makes it special. Singapore is this incredibly diverse melting pot and although some say America has a wonderful amalgamation of cultures I feel that when it comes to the actual melting it doesn't hold a candle to Singapore. American sub-culture is incredibly rich and unique only to the U.S. but still remains somewhat distinctly divided. In Singapore, all cultures seem to actually combine and form a larger national identity - which, to me, is this beautiful (and somewhat romantic) incarnation of east meeting west. It is really a hidden gem in my eyes.

One of my favorite things to do is look at vintage photographs of Singapore. I love especially love the photos of the jungle and people dressed in this mix of eastern and western clothing.

Speaking of east meets west - I had some delicious noodle salad and vietnamese iced coffee from my absolute favorite food truck Bon Me !! They do a great job of making traditional, authentic Vietnamese food with a slight fusion twist.

 Listening to lots of the Kooks & the Arctic Monkeys - my two favorites!!
The acoustic performance of "Sway" by the Kooks is just amazing (as well as the blip of bonus vintage Katy Perry footage !! ♥ )
 (Gosh I wish I worked/lived in the U.K./British television/music. #TheDream)
Can't stop. Won't Stop.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Have A Nice Day..

  • This weeks playlist !! :D
    • Got some of my fave jamzz
      • Like "Have a Nice Day" from the Stereophonics
      • aaaaanddd Solange Knowles's new song "Losing You"
        • Ohh gurrrl, I'm obsessed.
        • Ya'll should check the music video
        • #GirlCrush #GirlCrush #GirlCrush

  • This week I got some brand new shoes!!
    • Vivienne Westwood for Melissa PVC ballet flats! Woo!
    • Wore these puppiez with my star sweater, my "Thursday" shirt, and button down floral skirt ;)

  • Also been working on getting a BRAND. NEW. TSHIRT. STORE. up and running!
    • Check it out! SKREENED UEOAI
      • There's not a lot of designs up n' out there, but I'm working on it!!
    • And of course, I can't neglect my other pet business UEOAI ETSY
      • Working on getting more vintage jewelry up there
      • Def planning a thrifting trip/treasure hunt soon!!
  • I could not resist adding these in (esp. the "Losing You" video !! even though it's in this week's playlist. Haha.)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

No Vacancy.

  • My computer has reached maximum capacity - again..

  • Also been: 
    • Drawing
    • Online Shopping (to an unhealthy extent)
    • Doing literally nothing..
      • So exciting.
  • This past weekend, I also saw "The Master"
    • I was so excited for this movie, the minute I saw the trailer.
    • It was way more intense than I had expected, a little scary (but not in a spooky horror way and more in a omg, people do this?!?!! way), and kind of uncomfortable to watch..
    • But the cinematography was so crisp and beautiful and watching the film felt like I was watching a great American novel - like Jack Kerouac or Tobas Wolff
      • There's so many layers to this movie, soo good.
      • But I definitely wouldn't recommend it to everybody..

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sick dayz :(

  • This week's playlsit !! :)
  • It has been sick dayz and no sleep nightz for me lately :(
    • Unhappy
    • But sometimes I like feeling sick .. an excuse to get cosy
  •  I've also been watching commercials directed by Wes Anderson. 
    • Haha. Random. But I mean, you gotta love it! 

    • And this commercial led me to this one...
    • Which got me into this song! 
  • I can't believe I haven't heard of them before. Their haunting/folksy sound is soo amazing!!
    • And of course I couldn't resist adding this one in too!!
    •  This is BY FAR one of my most favorite music videos ever (of all time! in the history of music videos! take that!) !!
      • It was one of the first things I put on this blog - back when it was a hoarding/pack rat/wannabe tumblr blog. 
        • Ahh the good ole days.
        • Also, Grizzly Bear does NOT get enough props for how amazing their sound is. So, *snaps* for them !