Thursday, October 4, 2012

No Vacancy.

  • My computer has reached maximum capacity - again..

  • Also been: 
    • Drawing
    • Online Shopping (to an unhealthy extent)
    • Doing literally nothing..
      • So exciting.
  • This past weekend, I also saw "The Master"
    • I was so excited for this movie, the minute I saw the trailer.
    • It was way more intense than I had expected, a little scary (but not in a spooky horror way and more in a omg, people do this?!?!! way), and kind of uncomfortable to watch..
    • But the cinematography was so crisp and beautiful and watching the film felt like I was watching a great American novel - like Jack Kerouac or Tobas Wolff
      • There's so many layers to this movie, soo good.
      • But I definitely wouldn't recommend it to everybody..

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