Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Have A Nice Day..

  • This weeks playlist !! :D
    • Got some of my fave jamzz
      • Like "Have a Nice Day" from the Stereophonics
      • aaaaanddd Solange Knowles's new song "Losing You"
        • Ohh gurrrl, I'm obsessed.
        • Ya'll should check the music video
        • #GirlCrush #GirlCrush #GirlCrush

  • This week I got some brand new shoes!!
    • Vivienne Westwood for Melissa PVC ballet flats! Woo!
    • Wore these puppiez with my star sweater, my "Thursday" shirt, and button down floral skirt ;)

  • Also been working on getting a BRAND. NEW. TSHIRT. STORE. up and running!
    • Check it out! SKREENED UEOAI
      • There's not a lot of designs up n' out there, but I'm working on it!!
    • And of course, I can't neglect my other pet business UEOAI ETSY
      • Working on getting more vintage jewelry up there
      • Def planning a thrifting trip/treasure hunt soon!!
  • I could not resist adding these in (esp. the "Losing You" video !! even though it's in this week's playlist. Haha.)

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