Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hustle Cat

  • This week's playlist is less hustle and more sad sad sleepytyme.
  • Been gettin' my job hustle on 
  • My co-worker Bianca got this cup as a congratulatory gift for her boyfriend and his new job!!
    • I'm mighty jealous.
      • Hustle Cat! 
      • #MeowPower

  • I got dressed up to go to my school's job fair
  • I hate dressing professional cause I don't exactly feel professional - just awkward.
  • I wore my one & only blazer, prized alexa chung for madewell dress, green granny earrings, black tights and nude flats.
    • Professional Hustle Strength *!(#($&#&@
    • Job fairs make me so nervous!
      • Especially since they're so convention-style :(
      • But I got in there!!

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