Monday, March 31, 2014

See ya March!!! Miss ya March!!!

Was home alone listening to the drip drop of rain. When the sky cryin I feel like lyin in bed all day or looking out the window - with drama. 
~ emotions ~ 
When I stepped out the world smelled like rain and the plants were all glowing green. Yes. 

Caught this cruiser on the peninsula. Shiny coated. Why wear a cap when you can let the wind in thru your hair. Let the follicles on your scalp dance.
Idk what. 

Starting to read Stephen King's "CARRIE"! The intro was sad. And I think that's the point. I think Stephen King likes to play ya a lil bit.
Since I only write nonsense words now, I guess I read some real words now. 

also couldn't resist trying to capture this architecture!
lots of amazing buildings and things keep getting torn down in my hometown to make way for bougie, beige condos that look like blocks of tofu. 
it suxxxxxx.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hi, Hello

Sooooooo obsessed with j lo's newish song "I LUH YA PAPI"
Wasn't crazy abt it at first but the music video was what REALLY made me love it.
Legit j lo workin it like she did in her early 2000s haydayyyyy. YAAAASS. 
Her rap/singing voice; the outfits; the dialogue. 
Takes me back to "Jenny from the block" 

Hard ta stay out of lazy mode on Sundaze! 
Wrote some
Longggggfffff overdue letters to mah franzzz :)

Even tho I hoard stationary like I hoard magazines I try 2 b creative
Oooooohh yaaa 
~resourcefulness ~
Jlo's hair lookin so licious & luscious! 
Didn wana write all ova it, but paper is precious y'all!
Also snuck some instax mini action in there. Tryna make sure mah lil bb insta cam don't get too dusty rusty!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Still scrolling, still posting.

Stillllllll scrollin thru ma photo album and stilllllllll got so many left over pictures! 
Baqqqq wen I went to mardi gras brunch in the French quarter wit my parents
~ throbaqqqqqq ~

Picked up pralines after. A sweeeeeeeet pick me up! 
"Friends don't let friends eat bad pralines"

Also some quick antiquing on royal st. ✌️✌️✌️
This curvy bubble mirror though! Reminds me of those playground bubble windows. 💭💭💭

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunshine & San Francisco

Went to the city to catch up with my old old old old friend mollie mae! 
We've known each other ages. 
Snapped this quick pic outside city lights bookstore while we were waiting to catch the bus home.
Having some instax mini fun at the pier 39 MIRROR MAZE.
Oh shit that was scary. Paid 5 bucks and it took us half an hour to get out. Tried to exit through the entrance twice. Fail. 
If you thought being 'scared by your own shadow' impossible - I was startled by my OWN DAMN REFLECTION at least 3 times. Smh. 
Other sights from the pier. Tbh it wasn't that exciting. I'm not longer lured by (most) tourist traps. 
It was practically summer out there. Idk why more sea lions were out here tryin to catch some sun.??? 

Friday, March 21, 2014

pink feelings. pink things.

wearing my woof woof pink puppy collar cowgirl blouse at brunch in the french quarter
the bathroom was PINK!
It was like i wasn't there
on the street in jefferson, saw a who-dat elephant in its natural habitat

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

in my past life; in singapore.

throwbaq to hanging at insomnia cookies. 
*cookie is the color of my aura*

Trying to get back into photo, i guess:
  chairs in chinatown, singapore.
 overhead lantern in chinatown, singapore.

breaking the rules in chinatown, singapore

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

does pharell actually keep a diary?

  • nike nike
  • lizzie mcquire
  • the old
  • lizzie mcguire
  • nike nike 
  • michael jackson
  • with his 
  • poodle
  • love
  • baby childe
  • molly ringwald
  • aeroplane
  • airplane
  • seats on seats
  • nike nike 
  • evan
  • peters
  • when is american horror story coming back?
  • i am so bored
  • beyonce.
does pharell actually keep a diary?

just wondering. just wondering.

Monday, March 17, 2014

large coffee listening to kitty.

 large coffee 
miss you. 
old me wearing 'treetrunks' sweater (my bday gift), lands end button down shirt, black shorts, american apparel punctuation tights and hitop sneaks. 

 old pictures of old me. 
wearing my old perfume
reminding me of old people 
and old me
and people i used to know in old times.
jungle construction
when i forced my cousins to walk up a hill with me
mainly to see my old pre-school
old old me.
my fave soya milk 
so yum
Rose flavor 
so pretty

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

slob now. slob forever.

diy tye dye t-shirt
and a flower necklace
*le sigh*
took a slob nap today 
cause it was so damn hot in my 
slob room
still cleaning out pictures from my computer and my phone
the clutter in my life is really getting to 
the point where it may
SMOther me in my sleep.
this is a set of cool zhu wei sculptures from lion city. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

my mom's friends are now my new friends.

i have no friends. 
(halfway true)
(halfway false)
went to eat egg rolls at my mom's friends house

grilled shripz on da barbie. 
dubbing these prawn queen. 

[stillllllllll fulllllllll]

Monday, March 10, 2014

benna-benna-dryll y'all.

  • baby v
  • fur
  • fur
  • FUR
  • fur hats
  • jackets
  • fur rolls
  • fur reals
  • for realz tho
  • baby chimp
    • omg aww
  • puppy love
    • omg aww
  • stripes
  • i didn't know i was a cat.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


this is abt old stuff that happened a while ago
i decided to give up on being chronological
ya kno?
i'm just bad at dis
been going to parades in nola
got my hands in the air tryin to catch beads ya kno?

my fave parts of parades is the school bands & HI-STEPPERS

also been busy not being busy and trolling the internet
looking at cool people
thinking about collaging
and needing to be more productive *crying emoji*
*emotional emoji*

Lastly, caught the krewe of muses, after the krewe of babylon & chaos
i usedta kno a girl who was the queen of babylon - but i just found out it's an all-male krewe

Thursday, March 6, 2014

mardi gras old old old.

first nighhhh of mardi gras kinda 
lyke the week 
ya kno.
went to family gras with my parents & it was that clean kinda lame kinda clean kinda super clean kinda dirty suburban fun
i guess it was fun.
mardi gras did not end up being how i expected. 
beads make me mad
dey useless.

but here i got some. 
clip clop 
clip clop
with hairy ankles
are probably the cheerleaders
of the horse world.