Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunshine & San Francisco

Went to the city to catch up with my old old old old friend mollie mae! 
We've known each other ages. 
Snapped this quick pic outside city lights bookstore while we were waiting to catch the bus home.
Having some instax mini fun at the pier 39 MIRROR MAZE.
Oh shit that was scary. Paid 5 bucks and it took us half an hour to get out. Tried to exit through the entrance twice. Fail. 
If you thought being 'scared by your own shadow' impossible - I was startled by my OWN DAMN REFLECTION at least 3 times. Smh. 
Other sights from the pier. Tbh it wasn't that exciting. I'm not longer lured by (most) tourist traps. 
It was practically summer out there. Idk why more sea lions were out here tryin to catch some sun.??? 

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