Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I know, I know. The Toads.

  • I am uncool and have very stale tastes in music. 
    • There I said it!
    • Here is my playlist for life right now.
      • Mew.

  • Stress shopper, grass hopper, day walker. 
    • Bought dis lil numba offa e-bay. 
    • Luhh me sum stripes on stripes on stripes. 
      • Worn with my grey tights (LURVE ♥), sneakahs (LURVE ♥), vintage cardigan (also from ebay; LURVE ♥) and friendship bracelets (aww; LURVE ♥)
    • Dancin' Dancin' wit some warty warty toads. :P
  • Recently my school's radio station put out a alt-zine to replace the now defunct Boston Phoenix.. 
  • Pew Pew THE BEAT Issue No. 1
  • Just got back from Spring break in Baltimore ♥ 
    • Such a beautiful place & time (of my life).
  •  Also saw "Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry" this weekend about the Chinese artist Ai WeiWei.
  • I am particularly taken by the highly political nature of his work - my current Art History teacher once told our class that he quit Political Science and moved to Art History because Art was more political!
    • I like art with purpose. I only believe in art with purpose. 
      • The rest is kitsch, sorry y'all.