Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cosmos. Outer Space. Chandelier.

  • Having some fun with the apps on my cellular phone ;D
  • Today I wore my Dunder Mifflin work shirt !!
    • Sometimes people ask me if it's my work uniform - I can't really tell if they're trying to be funny..
  • I went to the ICA this week for a project I have to do and it was Amazinggggg !!
    • So wonderful, 'swonderful !! 
    • I wasn't really expecting much, but it really took me by surprise. I walked away feeling so inspired !
    • I would definitely rate it as one of my favorite art museums (one of the only others being the Ogden !! idk, maybe I like smaller museums.)
    • It sounds sick to be excited about but - the Josiah Mcelheny exhibit "Some Pictures of the Infinite" was so amazing, esp how uneasy it all made me feel.
  • Yea, well I have this thing about space and it just freaks me out. But there's something so beautiful and alluring about it all at the same time - like these chandeliers. There's just so many layers to the exhibit, so amazing.

    • And some music.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lazie Dayz & Gallerie Girlz

  • Here's another old playlist. Lazy Dayz.

  • Just started to watch Bravo's new show Gallery Girls and, Ohh child am I OBSESSED.
  • Even though I love the show, and it's obviously contrived - most of the girls do not seem nice.. AT ALL. :(  and it makes me scared to even want to live/work in New York. 
  • Everything these girls do is so exciting and is totally something I'd want to try and do - but all the drama and hipster truths make it all the more discouraging. 
    • Which kind of ties into (one of the girls') Angela Pham's work - she's one of the only girls who actually MAKES/DOES/PRODUCES stuff but...
    • Her collection is called "Totally Not Depressed" and she's so into the message of the collection being about how everyone in our day and age is lonely and focused on making their lives seem better than they actually are - however, I don't really think most of her pieces show that. 
    • The concept is so true and so much of our daily reality but, none of the works really evoke this point of loneliness that she belabors...its almost as if she was like "Ok, this is the stuff I think is cool, and this is what they might/could have in common. Lets go."
    • Her work is pretty cool and she has a blog - 
      • And I added some of her works below..
  • All the other girls are either super elitist or maaaaadddd hipster - either way, superficial and not friendly. :(

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

A while back I went to lunch with my mommy :) (aww). And here are some photos!! :D !!

I got to see a real-life Yayoi Kusuma "installation" at the Louis Vuitton store !! :D Ohh La Laa.
I love the polka dots and the squiggly tentacles.
Fun. Fun. Fun.

We later had sweets for lunch! What better way to spend your meal !! :D
Delicious. :P

Aaaaand saw these RIPE pineapples at a nearby farmer's market!!
Oh boy, oh boy. I miss home.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Radiooo Radiooo

  • Mixtape Playlist - Mixtape Playlist - Mixtape Playlist
  • Don't know how to amuse myself with no good TV to watch.. 
  • Shopping occasionally - Buying never

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in the Groove, Ya'll

  • Just getting back into the groove of school is weirdd. It just feels like I am floating around in a really boring dream. 
  • Today I got my nails done in this slightly sparkly purple color. I'm calling it "Barbie Party" Purple!
  • I actually dressed up today - in my home-made dress, red & white star sweater and navy blue hair ribbon :))

  • Doing some research for my Media Relations class & came across this album from local New England Hip-Hop twosome Aer - I'm really kinda feelin' their acoustic/lyrical approach to music. 
    • It really reminds me of what Kid Kudi tries to do in some of his new stuff, but doesn't always pull off so successfully.. 
    • P.S. "Floats My Boat" is my faveee :)
  • Finally done upacking my living essentials in my new apartment - so there are still lots of boxes around.. (I mean, what else is new?)
    • And lucky for my roommates & me, every day is a new surprise - lights that don't turn on, stove burners that don't work. Yay.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

San Francisco Is a Lady

Some days, when I'm stuck at school, I am tempted... 

(It is a super dream of mine to build a boat and float around in the actual lagoon that exists by my house, but heaven only knows I would end up in a similar nautical catastrophe.)

I always make this reference to the movie Blue Lagoon, but when no one gets it I'm just stuck with a bunch of people who think I don't know how to pronounce "San Francisco" .. #awkwardtimes 

Drove up to the city one weekend to see my friends Anthony and Kevin. We got free popsicles from passing-by parade. Yum! (They actually were delicious)

Everywhere was so crowded because of the beeeuuuutiiifuuull weather. We stopped by the SF port authority and of course I had to snap this photo in a moment of pure infatuation for my hometown <3>

Our eventual goal was to get to North Beach for the Italian Culture Festival. To cite pop-singer Hoku's words it was "a perrrrr-feeeect daaaaaaaaa-aaayy; nothin's standin' in [our] waaa-aaayy."
It was so beautiful and sunny and I was so happy. At the festival there was a man in a sequined & embroidered vest singing to an accordion and lots of Italian food for sale. 

Just before we went to get some lunch I snapped a quick picture of the Washington Square Cathedral. We even got to hear the church bells ring around Noon ! So amazing. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life Was Just Getting Lazy

Just some music. 
 (Turn it up 5 million Tuesdays ago is happening today, on Sunday..)

Life was getting RUUUUUURRRRRRRRLLL (pronounced: "Real" with heavy emphasis on the middle vowels) lazy and now I'm playing catch up. 
Pretty soon this is going to just turn into a supernostalgia blog - because, not only am I writing about some of the fun/happy things I did and saw, I am also writing about these things AGES after they happened. At this rate I might as well be waiting till my 70th birthday to write about my past summer..

Enough complaining. 

Here are some pictures I took on my trip to the Stanford Theater with my friend 'DCAMERA. We went to see the Gene Kelly double feature - although we didn't stay for "An American In Paris." 
This theater is like your well aged and extremely elegant grandmother. #chreish

Wanna talk about some suburb life, this theater was filled with so many old couples. But "Singin' In The Rain" looked amazing in this CINEMA PALACE. The film finished off with a life organ player rising out of the stage floor and me kicking myself for:
A) Not having watched this movie sooner
B) Not coming to this theater more often
C) Not signing up for those tap dance classes
dang it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tween Dreams & Other Things #sorrynotsorry

Let's call this one: "Me being positive about studying"
Time to start reading, again. This time it's for real. 
It's really tough to be back at school. We'll put it at that. 
It was amazing to be home, but now it's time to hustle ya'll. 

My friend Mollie Mae and me having summertime adventures with cardboard unicorns and crepes!

(Really the time to be using #sorrynotsorry)
I finally jumped the bandwagon that nobody my age is really on and started watching "Victorious" !! I love it. Sometimes when I'm watching I just think to myself: "what was I doing with my life before I picked up this show?!?! It's perfection!!" (But, honestly. I think everyone already knows the answer to that question... the fact I was even asking myself questions should be a partial tip-off.)
But the most important point is that the show has not only given me endless (within reason) hours of entertainment, but also a whole new set of teen idols to follow/gawk at/cry/drool/obsess over.
(Note: don't worry celebs!! follow as in social media - not the stalking kind *insert stilted laughter at bad joke here*) 
One of my favorites is Ariana Grande !!! :D !!! Just this weekend I've been listening to her cover of Mariah Carey's "Emotions." She is totally Musical Doppelganger Status in it!!