Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in the Groove, Ya'll

  • Just getting back into the groove of school is weirdd. It just feels like I am floating around in a really boring dream. 
  • Today I got my nails done in this slightly sparkly purple color. I'm calling it "Barbie Party" Purple!
  • I actually dressed up today - in my home-made dress, red & white star sweater and navy blue hair ribbon :))

  • Doing some research for my Media Relations class & came across this album from local New England Hip-Hop twosome Aer - I'm really kinda feelin' their acoustic/lyrical approach to music. 
    • It really reminds me of what Kid Kudi tries to do in some of his new stuff, but doesn't always pull off so successfully.. 
    • P.S. "Floats My Boat" is my faveee :)
  • Finally done upacking my living essentials in my new apartment - so there are still lots of boxes around.. (I mean, what else is new?)
    • And lucky for my roommates & me, every day is a new surprise - lights that don't turn on, stove burners that don't work. Yay.

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