Friday, September 7, 2012

Tween Dreams & Other Things #sorrynotsorry

Let's call this one: "Me being positive about studying"
Time to start reading, again. This time it's for real. 
It's really tough to be back at school. We'll put it at that. 
It was amazing to be home, but now it's time to hustle ya'll. 

My friend Mollie Mae and me having summertime adventures with cardboard unicorns and crepes!

(Really the time to be using #sorrynotsorry)
I finally jumped the bandwagon that nobody my age is really on and started watching "Victorious" !! I love it. Sometimes when I'm watching I just think to myself: "what was I doing with my life before I picked up this show?!?! It's perfection!!" (But, honestly. I think everyone already knows the answer to that question... the fact I was even asking myself questions should be a partial tip-off.)
But the most important point is that the show has not only given me endless (within reason) hours of entertainment, but also a whole new set of teen idols to follow/gawk at/cry/drool/obsess over.
(Note: don't worry celebs!! follow as in social media - not the stalking kind *insert stilted laughter at bad joke here*) 
One of my favorites is Ariana Grande !!! :D !!! Just this weekend I've been listening to her cover of Mariah Carey's "Emotions." She is totally Musical Doppelganger Status in it!!

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