Tuesday, September 11, 2012

San Francisco Is a Lady

Some days, when I'm stuck at school, I am tempted... 

(It is a super dream of mine to build a boat and float around in the actual lagoon that exists by my house, but heaven only knows I would end up in a similar nautical catastrophe.)

I always make this reference to the movie Blue Lagoon, but when no one gets it I'm just stuck with a bunch of people who think I don't know how to pronounce "San Francisco" .. #awkwardtimes 

Drove up to the city one weekend to see my friends Anthony and Kevin. We got free popsicles from passing-by parade. Yum! (They actually were delicious)

Everywhere was so crowded because of the beeeuuuutiiifuuull weather. We stopped by the SF port authority and of course I had to snap this photo in a moment of pure infatuation for my hometown <3>

Our eventual goal was to get to North Beach for the Italian Culture Festival. To cite pop-singer Hoku's words it was "a perrrrr-feeeect daaaaaaaaa-aaayy; nothin's standin' in [our] waaa-aaayy."
It was so beautiful and sunny and I was so happy. At the festival there was a man in a sequined & embroidered vest singing to an accordion and lots of Italian food for sale. 

Just before we went to get some lunch I snapped a quick picture of the Washington Square Cathedral. We even got to hear the church bells ring around Noon ! So amazing. :)

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