Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lazie Dayz & Gallerie Girlz

  • Here's another old playlist. Lazy Dayz.

  • Just started to watch Bravo's new show Gallery Girls and, Ohh child am I OBSESSED.
  • Even though I love the show, and it's obviously contrived - most of the girls do not seem nice.. AT ALL. :(  and it makes me scared to even want to live/work in New York. 
  • Everything these girls do is so exciting and is totally something I'd want to try and do - but all the drama and hipster truths make it all the more discouraging. 
    • Which kind of ties into (one of the girls') Angela Pham's work - she's one of the only girls who actually MAKES/DOES/PRODUCES stuff but...
    • Her collection is called "Totally Not Depressed" and she's so into the message of the collection being about how everyone in our day and age is lonely and focused on making their lives seem better than they actually are - however, I don't really think most of her pieces show that. 
    • The concept is so true and so much of our daily reality but, none of the works really evoke this point of loneliness that she belabors...its almost as if she was like "Ok, this is the stuff I think is cool, and this is what they might/could have in common. Lets go."
    • Her work is pretty cool and she has a blog -  http://totallynotdepressed.blogspot.com/ 
      • And I added some of her works below..
  • All the other girls are either super elitist or maaaaadddd hipster - either way, superficial and not friendly. :(

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