Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cosmos. Outer Space. Chandelier.

  • Having some fun with the apps on my cellular phone ;D
  • Today I wore my Dunder Mifflin work shirt !!
    • Sometimes people ask me if it's my work uniform - I can't really tell if they're trying to be funny..
  • I went to the ICA this week for a project I have to do and it was Amazinggggg !!
    • So wonderful, 'swonderful !! 
    • I wasn't really expecting much, but it really took me by surprise. I walked away feeling so inspired !
    • I would definitely rate it as one of my favorite art museums (one of the only others being the Ogden !! idk, maybe I like smaller museums.)
    • It sounds sick to be excited about but - the Josiah Mcelheny exhibit "Some Pictures of the Infinite" was so amazing, esp how uneasy it all made me feel.
  • Yea, well I have this thing about space and it just freaks me out. But there's something so beautiful and alluring about it all at the same time - like these chandeliers. There's just so many layers to the exhibit, so amazing.

    • And some music.

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