Tuesday, January 20, 2015

mouse rat forever :(

feeling: ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)
parks n rec is ending, but that just means i have that much more to catch up on. most of the time i can't focus on the tv i'm watching.. i'm just daydreaming about writing tv

got these snaps of me plus mouse rat poster when i attended a hugely inspiring talk by alfredo jaar
this is one of my fave alfredo jaar pieces:
"let one hundred flowers bloom" is beautiful. it captures the resilience of creative people and ideas. forever.
alfredo jaar says and expresses everything i believe art should be and is
art is more than you see, it's philosophy in its most elegant form.
it took me a long time to learn that art and aesthetics are two different things. art is not bout things, but ideas.
alfredo jaar talks alot about ideas and thinking. i wanna be a thinker, but what if you have lame ideas? and are also terrible at philosophy? welp.
the view. some days i wanna move to sf. some days i wanna move away from sf.
all the days, i wanna be making something better than this.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

just a kinda girl, kinda livin'

just a kinda girl, kinda livin' out here 

yesterday, i was cycling to my local library and i thought i cycled past someone i used to know
(*´_ゝ`)              (*´ェ`*)
 taking cliche pictures of my cliche neighborhood
i keep riding my bike to the library and reading books and watching movies. and i keep tellin m'self that i'm gunna write about every single thing that i read and watch.
so far, nothing
so i made this playlist about feelings sung by girls that have feelings.
it's been a looooooong time since i posted a lame playlist on 8tracks....


  1. One Last Time - Ariana Grande 
  2. Gotta Tell You - Samantha Mumba
  3. All You Had To Do Was Stay - Taylor Swift
  4. Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work - Solange 
  5. Everybody Wants to Rule The World - Lorde
  6. Touch of My Hand - Britney Spears
  7. Happy - Hilary Duff
  8. Insincerely Yours - Lily Allen
  9. Perfect Stranger - Katy B Feat. Magnetic Man

Saturday, January 10, 2015


listening to old playlists today and new songs from old cds. 

just tryna soak in some princess vibes. and feel inspired.  




Thursday, January 8, 2015

i don't wanna wait..

went on a bike ride thru da nature in my neighborhood a few days ago. going to go for another today probably. i am so jelly roll that when i try to go a little faster than slow i get all huffy and puffy and red in da face and sweaty! womp. 
oh well. best part is i can cycle to my local public library and snatch up some geocaches in my neighborhood. hahahahahah.

i am full-on obsessed with dawson's creek. yeeeppers. 
i thought this body of water by my humble abode looked like the creek in dawson's creek, so i obvi had to send this snap of me singin da dawson's creek theme song to my equally dawson's creek obsessed friend. 
i just got to the rave episode. can i say l . o . l . and that i rly can't stand Andi/Andy!!! OMG. NO! I think the writers are trying to break up Joey & Pacey ♥ the only couple i care about. womp. 
ya i'm a loosa lame like dat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess i'll just have to keep on keepin on wit dis dawson's creek. 
also. super angry at dawson. wow. like wow. 
but i live to see grown men pretending to be boys crying. like live for this!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shopping shopping shopping

finally got dressed so I cld watch Dawson's creek in regular clothes instead of my pjs
Wow what a change ! Nottttttt. 
I'm on season 3 (finally) and I think it's gonna b da only good season. Joey and Pacey finally got together only to break up one episode later 😩
wow I hate Dawson so much ! but that's exactly why I love this show ! I loveeeeeeeeee all the overly emotional male characters bahagagaga 😂 

this week I've already gone shopping wit my Momster twice 🙊🙊🙊
saw this cutie cat keyboard at target someone pls send this to me as an early bday pressie? 🙏😉🎁