Thursday, January 8, 2015

i don't wanna wait..

went on a bike ride thru da nature in my neighborhood a few days ago. going to go for another today probably. i am so jelly roll that when i try to go a little faster than slow i get all huffy and puffy and red in da face and sweaty! womp. 
oh well. best part is i can cycle to my local public library and snatch up some geocaches in my neighborhood. hahahahahah.

i am full-on obsessed with dawson's creek. yeeeppers. 
i thought this body of water by my humble abode looked like the creek in dawson's creek, so i obvi had to send this snap of me singin da dawson's creek theme song to my equally dawson's creek obsessed friend. 
i just got to the rave episode. can i say l . o . l . and that i rly can't stand Andi/Andy!!! OMG. NO! I think the writers are trying to break up Joey & Pacey ♥ the only couple i care about. womp. 
ya i'm a loosa lame like dat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess i'll just have to keep on keepin on wit dis dawson's creek. 
also. super angry at dawson. wow. like wow. 
but i live to see grown men pretending to be boys crying. like live for this!

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