Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dreamin' Dreamin'

  • Finally home.
  • It's a weird feeling to move from one life to another. 
    • I feel like whenever I'm home I become a different version of myself.
    • It's hard to kick old habits and feelings you had from when you lived alone...
  • Gettin' eggcited about GREAT GATSBYYYY!! So I kinda made this playlist. 
  • Also, would love some sugar right about now!!
    • My momma bought me a cuppie cake today!! So Yum!
      • My mom is so good to me. I should work on being better to her! ♥
  •  Werqn' mah cowboy kawaii hysteric glamour flannel, plain white t ;), & floral button down skirt.
    • Idk why my legs are whiter than my face.. :/
  • Up close of my cowboy kawaii flannel!!!!!! :D :D :D tee hee so cute!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Will Not Apologize

  • For being a serial outfit repeater!!! :P
  •  Apparently my outfit choices have me scorin' big with all the food trucks around campus.
    • Once I got a compliment on my wolverine t-shirt! yah!
    • and the other day I got two dollars knocked off my grilled cheese for my bread shirt! double yah! :D
  • This week I've been busy tryin to eat all the unhealthy, cheesy, carb-heavy foodz I can get my grubbis on!
    • Come satturdday I'm going to cleanse! and treat mah boday righhhhh!! ;-*
      • Fruitz & Veggiez onlay bay-bay!! :)
  • Also little diary page tidbits:
I Wish by Koreeda Hirokazu: