Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life Was Just Getting Lazy

Just some music. 
 (Turn it up 5 million Tuesdays ago is happening today, on Sunday..)

Life was getting RUUUUUURRRRRRRRLLL (pronounced: "Real" with heavy emphasis on the middle vowels) lazy and now I'm playing catch up. 
Pretty soon this is going to just turn into a supernostalgia blog - because, not only am I writing about some of the fun/happy things I did and saw, I am also writing about these things AGES after they happened. At this rate I might as well be waiting till my 70th birthday to write about my past summer..

Enough complaining. 

Here are some pictures I took on my trip to the Stanford Theater with my friend 'DCAMERA. We went to see the Gene Kelly double feature - although we didn't stay for "An American In Paris." 
This theater is like your well aged and extremely elegant grandmother. #chreish

Wanna talk about some suburb life, this theater was filled with so many old couples. But "Singin' In The Rain" looked amazing in this CINEMA PALACE. The film finished off with a life organ player rising out of the stage floor and me kicking myself for:
A) Not having watched this movie sooner
B) Not coming to this theater more often
C) Not signing up for those tap dance classes
dang it.

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