Monday, March 31, 2014

See ya March!!! Miss ya March!!!

Was home alone listening to the drip drop of rain. When the sky cryin I feel like lyin in bed all day or looking out the window - with drama. 
~ emotions ~ 
When I stepped out the world smelled like rain and the plants were all glowing green. Yes. 

Caught this cruiser on the peninsula. Shiny coated. Why wear a cap when you can let the wind in thru your hair. Let the follicles on your scalp dance.
Idk what. 

Starting to read Stephen King's "CARRIE"! The intro was sad. And I think that's the point. I think Stephen King likes to play ya a lil bit.
Since I only write nonsense words now, I guess I read some real words now. 

also couldn't resist trying to capture this architecture!
lots of amazing buildings and things keep getting torn down in my hometown to make way for bougie, beige condos that look like blocks of tofu. 
it suxxxxxx.

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