Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girls Girls Girlz

  • This week's playlist was inspired by Girls! 
    • I saw this pretty interesting lip-dub type video PSA featuring all these cool girls & Lesley Gore's song "You Don't Own Me"
  • Halloween is right around the corner & that means one of my most favorite pastimes is completely justified..
    • Looking at dogs in costume !!
    • Puppy Palloozzzaaa !! 
    • This one of Evita was THE BEST
  • Also wearing my striped boys shirt, alexa chung for madewell jumper ♥ ♥, converse high top sneakerz, and my ice cream earrings ! :)

  • I also went out to dinner with my co-workers this week to a place called "Fire & Ice"
    • It's like Mongolian BBQ - or so I'm told. I've never been before. 
    • It was so much fun!! 
    • I had a shirley temple and all this buffet food and corny music and I was singing and dancing out of control!
    • One of the best parts was the resturant's decor - it was like we were all eating in some 90s movie. It was AMAZING!!
      • None of us had reception during dinner and we kept joking that it was bc we were stuck in some 90s twilight zone.
        • Happy

  • Also, a few additional songs I've been listening to with A$AP Rocky
    • I really like his music, but only his unreleased/collab stuff 

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