Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hair Done. Nails Done. Errthang Did.

  • Just watched "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" this week and I cant believe it took me so long to actually see it. 
    • This week's playlist is inspired by 80s movies - I forgot how much I love them!!
  • It's got that totally random, broken story line 80s movie feel to it. It was soo great and cheesy. 
  • The best parts were the dance TV scenes - and Helen Hunt's costumes!!
    • I am so in love with her grasshopper hat!! ♥
  • I've also included some additional images:
    • A gif of vintage Katherine Heigl lookin' banggggin from "Wish Upon a Star"  - another movie I love. 
    • Plus this amazing photo of Baby Spice and Scary Spice :) #gurlpowaa
      • Apparently the UK is airing a Spice Girl TV special on Christmas Day.
        • Woaaa. Gotta see it!
  • Plus me in da 'nail cave'
    • Wearing my fluuffyy scarf, fisherman sweater, uniqlo striped leggings, minnetonka mocccs and my jelly purse!! :) :) :)
      • on my way to get my nails did !! #yay

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