Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thinking of you..

  • Just looking through my phone and found some extra photos from the holidaze ;)
  • Over Thanksgiving break I went to NOLA to see my fam-bam :D
  • Had some Cafe Du Monde of course - a MUST have ♥ ♥
    • I love my coffee and beignets!!  
      • #caffeineaddict
    • aaaannndd in New Orleans they make their coffee with a cold percolation system so you get this amazing rich, thick coffee goodness!!
      • Instead of having hot coffee with cold milk - it's the other way around!!
      • I ♥ iced cafe au lait !! <3>
    • Ahh mayun, Thanksgiving was soo long ago! 
  • Also, found these photos I took this this 8bit app I'm totally obsessed with!!
    • It takes 8bit photos just like a Gameboy camera !! 
    • Got some pichas of my cousin lookin gawwggouse (like always) and me lookin' goofy (like always). Harhar. :-P
  • Also found this outfit photo - wearing my leopard collar dress, ripped tights (like, absurdly ripped & shredded - but only in the back...), and my minnetonkas :)
  • Brought my instax mini camera on holiday too & got these precious photos of my familia ♥
    • Awwwwee, miss them 
  • And some songs about thinking about people..
    • Side notes:
      • a ) Frank Ocean is from NOLA! Holla, y'all!
      • b) how much does his guitarist look like John Mayer?? 
        • #doppelgangersighting  

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