Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finals Finals Finals

  • Made a combo TV/Christmas playlist :))
    • Watched all of HBO "Girls" Season 1 episodes and the music they play is fun & boppin'
      • It took me a little while to jump up on that bandwagon, but don't worry - I'm officially hooked now.
    • Once Lena Dunham came to my school for a special screening of her film "Tiny Furniture"
      • and I think it's so funny how they characters she writes for herself are NOTHING like her in real life
      • She is so bubbly and pretty engaging 

  • This week, I surprised my friend Morgan with cupcakes for her birthday!!
    • *Confetti*
    • *Birthday Cheer*
    • *Birthday Smiles*
  • The supermarket was selling special Hanukah cupcakes with these cool lightbulb rings in them!!
    • I am obsessed with mine!!
    • I love cupcake rings!! :D

  • Had to take a group picture for work so I wore my: 
    • Land's End Fisherman Sweater, flower skirt from Francesca's, muddy/tye-dye blue & purple-brown tights, green ribbon ;D, & sneaksssszz
  • Seeing as it's reading period for finals my sleeping habits have been particularly erratic 
    • Weeeoowwzzaaa 
      • #ZZZzzzZZZzzz 
      • #Melatonin 
      • #Delusional
  • It's been really icy-cold outside these days, I'm talking about 30-sumthin' degrees out 
    • But still, there hasn't been any snow 
    • Honestly, I'm pretty thankful for the no snow :P

  • Also just finished writing a paper on Yayoi Kusama for one of my classes. 
    • Lots of spots. spots. spots. 

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