Thursday, December 13, 2012

Betty, la fea. :O :O :O !!!!!!

  • I have been re-watching episodes of UGLY BETTY!! one of my all time favorite shows. 
    • I forgot how funny the show's jokes were and I just love Betty's gumption, go-getter attitude & of course da fashion!! :D
      • Betty totally inspires me to work harder, dream bigger and live in New York!! 
      • Harrrrharrrr I am so cheesy and wayy too emotionally attached to TV shows. :(
        • #UnhealthyAttachments
    • Amanda & Mark were def my two most favorite characters ;)
    • Plus, I'm just starting to realize how many amazing guest stars "Ugly Betty" had like: 
      • Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from "Modern Family") - without beard!! :O
      • Annalynne McCord (Naomi from "90210")
      • Bernadette Peters (!!!!!)
        • aaaaaaayyyyyuuunnndddd moarrrr!! 
        • soo good! :D

  • Weather has been getting colder, and it was time to break out the footsie pajamas!!
    •  Footsie pjs are def good therapy, keepin all the warm snuggly vibes inside and close to your soul!!
      • Also just so soft :)
    • I am just so happy that my tests are ovaaaa and I can just be a onesie potato. ;P
      • #onesieswagg
    • Also did a little searching around and found a trailer for both the Spanish and Filipino versions of Betty la fea.
      • They are gold!! haha. :DDD

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