Sunday, April 6, 2014

green blue - back in the day - green blue

Oink oink 
Piggly wiggly pictures from back when I was livin dat dorm lyfe.
Wearin my glassies, forever 21 scarf, abercrombie flannel, lands end shirt & pants, andddd my minnetonka moccasins. 
legit almost everything is from my high school wardrobe.  :O :O :O !!!
snapped the background pic from my trip ta NOLA/mardi gras.
now feel so long agooooooo.

Pics of:
Josiah McElheny, “Endlessly Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism” (2007)
one of my faveeeee art pieces.
i first saw it in Boston's ICA, and then AGAIN in Boston's MFA!!
I could just get sucked into staring at it for hours on end. it makes me feel sad and lonely and loney and sad in a scary and beautiful mesmerizing way... magic!

an insta-pic from back around after spring break? OCTOBA? OCTOBER?
I cannot remember. 
but these were lil beers that looked like red stripes - in cute pudgy wudgy bottles and you cld play 
wit da caps!

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