Saturday, April 5, 2014

Like, Omg Becky.

Took this baq @ the grocery store in Jefferson parish.
These look like maje gossip fish! 

Still combing thru all the random phone photos I got stashed away on diff places. I might as well give up on announcin it to m'self! 
To hell with chronology. But wen I practice disorganization it a rude awakening to da truth. 
GiT it together girl! 
Today I sat around alllllll day listening to radiolab podcasts. Started with te one on Rosenberg 
(tried to embed it, but it wouldn't work :( ) 
video of the band at timber by switch! singin catchy tunes. i loved it!
that night there was two birthdays in the room and a girl and her husband came on stage to sing/rap! hilarious! so fun!

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