Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In This Week. MFA.

  • Electric Electric Electric Y'all !!

  • Went to the MFA this weekend and snapped a photo of this cheeky neon sign. 
  • Love neon lights.
    • If I had the space and money I'd def want to collect neon bar lights. har har.

  •  Pretty/pretty old chinese hat.
    • Ohh fancy!

  •  Woof Wuf.
    • In love with this tiny lil thang!! :-P

  • Today I wore:
    • My absolute fave jumper ♥ ♥ ♥ hehe ;-P
    • Momma's striped blue shirt - can't see da stripes. 
    • New tights! Obsessed with them!
    • New lipstick! (see below y'all!)
    • Green ribbon! :D

  • Got this new lipstick thang. Dropped a whole lotta money on it cause I didun think better to check and already fell in love with it at the counter!! 
    • Clueless probs. 

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