Thursday, January 3, 2013

Huntin' + Collage + Pascal Bernier + Taxidermy +++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Muggin' in my messy, hoarder-style room. 
  • Wearing: GINORMOUS thrifted stretch sweater & Levis
  • It is good to be home :) :) :) :) :)
  • partizany
  • Just trolling around on tumblr like usual and found this cool collage artist's blog. 
    • *clack-a-lack-a, clack-a-lack-a*
    • *typing sounds*
    • *reblogs*
    • *reblogs*    

  • Pascal Bernier
  • Also took a quick look-see at French contemporary artist Pascal Bernier's work (& his still life farm sets in particular..)
  • I am still not 100% sure how taxidermy makes me feel. It's crazy to think how casually people treat taxidermy and display them in intimate spaces... 
    • Once, I went to a science museum with my friend and they had all these stuffed animals (beavers - with real teeth!!! :/ ) and baby bears that you could go up to and touch ....There were some patches on the animals worn down from over-petting. It gave me the shivers. I worked really hard to muster up the courage to pet it real quick, but after barely patting my hand on a dead wolf's back I just felt like I wanted to wash my hands..
    • My friend Rachael had no problem stroking the stuffed animals and laughed at my nervousness. Haha.     
  •  Here is a video inside Bernier's studio ..
  • What initially caught my attention were his "Tableaux de Chasse" works, which feature taxidermied or skinned doe with wigs and makeup..
    • Looks like Tyra Banks might have also gathered some inspiration from these pieces - an ANTM Cycle 20 photo challenge had models pretending to be mounted animal heads...
  • Ran a google image search on 'tableaux de chasse' and found the resulting image (below)
    • Also, not gunna lie, I kinda like these "hunting themed" scarves..
  • crappytaxidermy
  • A personal favorite of mine - this blog has the best/wierdest/creepiest/coolest/most disgusting taxidermy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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