Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Honey Tea || Honey Bling || Honey Blang ♥

  • It has been busy days for me and my life in the suburbs. 
  • Sometimes I forget how much I really THRIVE on suburban life - hah. 
    • #CouchPotatoLyfe
  • Especially since my parents have an AMAZING TV & COUCH!! 
    • #LovesIt
  • Yesterday, I watched the movie "Pillow Talk" - it's one of my all time faves.
    • Can't neva go wrong wit some Doris Day!!
  •  Pillow Talk Trailer !! :D
  •  Also, still so obsessed with this ad - so it's going here!!
  • Also, some pictures from the week:
    • Writing letters/sending merch/swag to my friend Mollie Mae!!
      • All my friends are leaving for school this week, and it is really gettin' me down :(
      • At least I have work and spending time with my mom & dad to keep me busy!!
        • #FamilieTyme
  • SHERMAN! Mah lil' bebe Sherman!!
    • This lil guy is crazy old. I got him from the HOME GOODS store with my friend Jeff wayy back when we were in high school!
      • High School Winter Break Tymes :')
    • Sherman looks a lil like Santa - ((DA BIG S.C.!!)), has amazing, natural, lush, curly locks for a beard, and a really bad glitter dandruff problem.. #awk
      • #LilGnomey
  • This weekend, my friend Shanise and I met the sweetest, most friendly marsmallow-ey cat, LYK EVA!!
      • Omg it was soo kewt!! ♥ ♥ ♥ #InLOVE
      • I wish I had a kitty cat!! 
        • #mewmew #meow
      • Dis pictcha makes me ROFL - alone.
  • Toppin' up on as much Boba Tea as I can get my grubby lil hands on while I'm still at home!!!!!!!!! 
    • #BobaLove ♥ ♥

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