Monday, January 21, 2013

S.A.D. Psychopaths.

  • This weekend I watched "Seven Psychopaths
    • Good, but wayy bloodier than I had expected..
      • Kinda like my "Django Unchained" experience
      • So I guess, if gore is your thing - go for it !!
  • "Seven Psychopaths" featured this amazing version of "The first cut is the deepest" by PP Arnold - so I built a playlist around it. Ish. 
  • Also starting to realized what a downer this mixtape is - blaming it on the grey skies.. :(
    • S.A.D.
  • Tried to visit the Mario Testino exhibit this weekend - MAJOR FAIL. 
    • Didn't even make it to the museum.. :(
    • Better Luck Next Time!!!
  • Wore my green tie-dye shirt (made by me!! :D), thrifted flanel shirt, old belt, jeans, sneaks & topped off with my name script necklace (can't really see it), and a green bauble pin (which I tried & failed to photograph). 
    • Ahh. #AyyFerEffort.
  • In other non-news:
    • Slowly whittling away at my candy stash #ElloPanda !!
    • Back on my tv-watching regimen & restarted watching MISFITS! (still love it).
    • Also saw "Anna Karenina" - so sad. :( :'( :(
      • Luh me some tragic romance a la Joe Wright 

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