Sunday, February 24, 2013

Katsup Lyfe & Besos ;-*

I only listen to the same five songs on repeat. Whoever can see my spotify activity is ready to unfriend me for life.

Back a long while ago wearing - vintage cashmere cardigan, yiling bling bling, fluffy skirt with navy flowers, chevron striped rights, l.l.bean boots and topped with a navy bow ;-*

    • *BESOS*       ;-*

Well this just makes me want to dig myself into a deep deep depression - like a hole through the world to the other side and into China. But I really can't stop watching and listening to Rihanna's "Stay"
I don't care. Rihanna is the most beautiful woman in the world. ♥

  • Also have a million pictures from the blizzard and just overall depressing stuff. Just feeling totally overcome by general senses of apathy. 

My school is clearly really into nutrition...

and positive outlooks for the future..
During the blizzard I watched a billion and a half movies. The half movie was Woody Allen's "Manhattan." I'm actually really surprised I even made it to the near halfway point. There is honestly something about Woody Allen that I just CAN NOT stand. Especially in this movie, he just seems like a huge jerk - self deprecating and cocky at the same time. Maybe I'm not smart enough to get his humor  or Lena Dunham's either - because the characters she writes for herself are just the same kind of annoying. (to me anyway).
Tried to watch "Shaolin Soccer" to recover - definitely lost all focus by then. Also, love this guy. ♥ ♥ ♥
More pictures from the snow & my desktop. #Packratlyfe

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