Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whatz Da Deez?? ;-P

  • For some reason, I am always on the "yo, that's super late, like two years ago late" train. 
    • #ChooChoo
  • Been stuck on Darwin Deez ALL WEEK. Playin' his old stuff on shuffle - again & again & again. 
    • People love me & my (behind the timez) music taste. Not.
  • Once my dad told me about how having a song stuck in your head means you're having some kind of "brain itch"but he also has a track record of testing me with outlandish (but just sensible enough) stories for his own amusement... 
  • Making more collages & feeling like I'm cleansing my system. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.
  • It's kinda creepy the types of pictures you can find on the internet. 
  • I call this the "Collegiate Dust Bunny" look. 
  • Self-explanitory 
  • Grey Deyz
  • Life is so lazy I can't even be bothered to make salad...
  • Snow this week. Couldn't resist snappin' a quick pic. Yea...
  • Got some Jack Frost non-bushes. 
    • #ShrubSkeletons
  • Also, playing with fire in my downtime.
  • Plus, this BEAUTTTT ♥ ;-*

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