Tuesday, December 23, 2014

recurring dreams need to stop recurring or not?

i'm just tryna b zen about it all. using this old pic of me bein pretend zen/hand clappy in da B. O. S. before graduation dinners and seein old faces and fun shit like that.
 i guess i was having some kinda anxiety about graduation, bc i sleep snappchatted my cousin this gibberish. dis screenshot was in my phone. :P
sleep walkin, sleep talkin and now sleep snappin and chattin.
lately, i keep having these two recurring dreams, and keep looking up all the different symbols on the internet. i just want them to go away, and i don't want to give these dreams the care and attention of a nice, fine dream-journal entry. yep. nope. 

also done bought tha new 1989 taylor swift album. i do not hate it!!!! :)))))) currently stuck on "how you get the girl." the rest of time is daydreaming about living inside a taylor swift song. forever.

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