Monday, December 15, 2014

cool girl questionmark. questionmark cool girl.

coool pics of cool girls from the "she who tells a story" exhibit at Boston's MFA soooooo looooong agooooooo.
for sure lots of gorgeous and cool sights to behold.
been thinking about what i means ta b a c o o l  g i r l lately
?questionmark questionmark?

why do i always fall in da t-pumps trap
i hate this place
but i'm weak for peer pressure some times. 
and weak for boba pretty much all da time!

when summa was stilll going strong, i stood around in a meter garden
the name makes me think of that super old taiwanese drama "meteor garden"
so many emotions, so many spinoffs 
anywayyys public art is cool and stuff is what i'm tryna say i guess....

constantly cleaning and making lame gifs to make myself feel all productive and shit when i'm really not
old records from the wtbu station office & ivy ivy ivy ivy greeeeeen
vinyl vs. ivy

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