Monday, December 29, 2014

beige life.

havin a blah kinda mood. so here are some blah kinda things. 

Caught up wit some coworkers for lunch at my fave place on earth... C H E E S E C A K E  FACTORY!!!!!!!
had ta pull out this old giffy when i felt like life was mocking me. or rather, 2048 was mocking me.
still haven't mastered that game. i gotta stay away from it unless i wanna lead a life of sleepless nights.
delicious fish roll from my mom's fav vietnamese place! tian long! sky dragon!
so yum.

and this random pic of a community bldng in san jose. i think religion is v interesting, not gunna get into it nao. it's all just randomness and words i'm putting out. it's been a beige life so far.

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