Monday, October 7, 2013

SAM. SAM. Singapore Art Museum. SAM.

Still unloading unloading unloading more pictures from my computaa.
Got lots-o-shotz from Singapore still..

Dese, are from da Singapore Art Museum (SAM) - verrrr interesting display. 
here'z some shotz from the video installation: It haz been sew long since I saw dis I forgot the name of the piece :X 
Basically had clips from famous movies & TV for archetypes from society like "Mother," "Romance," "Violence" - pretty kewllll & mezmirizing :0 :) :0 :)
Drew some shapes inspired by da shotz I took :D

Terms & Conditions was da most interestin' & political exhibition - my fave work was a video installation called "Three Love Songs" by the artist Adel Abidin :)
So aesthetically beautiful & hypnotic!!!
Originally saw the catalogue book for Terms & Conditions at Kinokuniya & the shotz of "Three Love Songs" made me want ta go see it!
Also loved Kader Attia's "Small Dome of the Rock"
Highly meditative 
Letz ya think
Letz ya ponder
Makes ya think
Makes ya ponder
So streamline, So simple
So yes!

Otha kewl stuffs I saw - Wu Guanzhong painting! omg Amaze!
"Not Against Interpretation: Untitled" was a grrrrreeeaaattt interactive experience - peepz could come up wit their own namez for werqz
Prettttttyyyyy kewwwwllll.
Loved it!
Plus da SAM building is jus a historiq JEM! 
Sew Beautifulll

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