Thursday, October 3, 2013

"I mean, it's hard to balance between school and rabbits sometimes"

Took my day off watching documentaries on HULU ya!
Saw dis movie called "Rabbit Fever" about kidz who competitively raise & judge rabbits.
Like WOAH.
Seww many bunnies ta membah.
Movie wasn't that great. haha.
Wearin F21 pattern pantz, Skreened monkey shirt, striped cardigan H&M, Charlotte Ronson Leather jacket, minnetonkas :0 :) :0 :) :0 :)
Wen't up to NYCEEEE last weekend - took a super posh bus wit leather seats.
We stopped at ah UBAR classy Popeye's
Dey payed soothing jazzzzzzz
Tryin' ta cram all dis fun adventure stuf into my schedule before I leave school!
Needa look for jobzz soon :(
Get Eggcited!!
More stillzz from "Rabbit Fever"
Bunnies :)

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