Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Shoulda Been Last Week.

  • Don't tell me abt ya shoulda coulda wouldas
    • Do it, honay! 
  • Been super obsessed with Ariana Grande's song "The Way" 
    • On repeat y'all!
  • Just getting tired. Trying to make it to the next stage of life - vacation!!!
  • Dis truck be reppin errbody cept da CELTICS :O 
    • Shock & Awe
    • Shock & Awe
  • Just learned this week that Tempeh is an Indonesian food product made of soy..
    • Wowzers
    • Lyfe Changed, y'all!
    • Doin' doodles at werk. I am never werking really werking like I should. :X
  • Tried to watch this movie "Le Million"
    • Couldn't do it. 
    • My mind is too busy trying to figure out other things. Trying to escape other things.
      • It can't focus on moving pictures any more. 
    • Can't get into the tv/movie game anymore. 
  • Morganza & Pep. Besties Aldreadie. 
  • Coffee. 
    • Love ya. Hate ya. Then Love ya some more. 

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