Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saxy Timez. ;-P ;-P ;-P

  • New Week, New Playlist. 
  • Uhh Huhh.
  • Had another playlist for last week & never posted a dang thang abt it.
    • Whatever
    • None of this is chronological.
    • Life can get messy, y'all.
  •  Wearin my berrlervved jumper, grey tights, china felt mary janes & bread shirt! ♥
  • Been spending a good deal of time on reddit ... 
    • Somehow thought it'd be smart to watch a video I found titled "Chicken Lovers"
    • I was dumb, I definitely know what I was getting myself into.
    • The video was about chickens being born and ground up and eaten... :X
    • It's good to know where your food comes from though - that it's not some weird fleshy stuff wrapped in saran wrap.. 
      • And to be thankful!! (Not ta preach or n.e. thang!)
      • Thank you chickies! ? 
      • Food is confusing.
      • One of the best things I've ever seen on tv about food is how they make those turkey breast deli meat hunks - yup, made of real turkey breasts. 
        • Turkey Breasts in Industrial Cement Mixers.
        • CONFIRMED!
  •  Also stumpled ubon these videos of an amazing SAX BATTLE.
    • Doo-dle-lee-doo!
    • *Sax Sounds*
    • *Sax Squeaks*
    • *Sax Seronade*
    • *Battle Battle*
  • Sometimes the truth ain't pretty hon.
  • Busy Busy Preoccupied Preoccupying Myself With Applying For Jobs
  • Fingers are crossed

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