Monday, April 29, 2013

This is Whatever This is Anymore.

    • Who knows what I'm doing with these anymore
    • I just like to have a lil' listen!
      • ;-P
    • Okay, I'm lying - I saw Yeasayer this weekend & they were amazing so I made this not-so-related playlist! 
      • Woo!
    • Sometimes I'll be trollin' da interwebz and find lame quotes about "being prettier when you're happy"
      • So you're telling me the benefits of being happy are not feeling good, but looking good?
        • Hmmm.
    • Werqn' my new ORANGE sunnies!! striped shirt, shorts, mjs, belt & bow. 
      • Sloppy. Slobby. Sobby.
      • It is time for a change/time to get rid of everything I don't be needin' in my life. 

    Sommerville Castle!! :O :O :O
    Yeasayer Y'all !!! :D :D :D
    Tufts iz lyke SUPER BEEEAAUTIOUS!!
    Unreal Beautiful. ;-*
    &&&&& NELLY !!! :D ;D ;-*

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