Monday, July 9, 2012

SO, it's been a while..

- It's finally nice getting paid instead of sitting around on my butt a lllll dayyy loooong but working sure wears me out. I never really want to do anything BUT sit on my patootie when I get home. Wah. Bye friends. 
- Brain Fart: whenever I hear the phrase "it's been a while" I think of this B. Spears song.


-I finally finished reading "American Nerd," honestly the most interesting book (and only book I've actually finished) I've laid hands on in a while. I'm not going to get crazy about it, but Nugent is extremely thorough, totally real, and not to mention funny. His research and cross-sub-cultural connections and references had my secret hipster self raising my palms up to the sky saying "YESSSUHH!"
- Coincidentally, my work project has to do with computer science and my sudden ravenous consumption of all media dealing with nerds, and reading bits about science and math (pretty out of character, for me, if you don't know) had my parents seriously concerned. Particularly, my dad.
- But, I've decided to try and read more about math and science as part of my personal initiative for self-betterment. 
- I made this new dress over the weekend. The sleeves look pretty jacked up and I don't think it's supposed to be as loose as it is on me.. but I couldn't resist. I wore it to work. 
- Lastly, I've also been having regular bouts of overwhelming elation at living at home. I tend to stand out in the sunshine and swoon, all starry-eyed up at the sky and then promptly shoot a tweet out into the interwebs about how grateful I am to be from such a glorious place. Not only that, but literally everything around me seems to reinforce this idea that I am right in thinking that the west coast is THE BEST COAST. I mean, take the band Best Coast - well maybe this is the only thing that is actively validating my beliefs - but just listen. It's so right. Everyone else is wrong. 

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