Wednesday, May 2, 2012

punchy mouse help me get through this!

It's commin' round finals time and boy am I stressed to the max. 
My university's business school had a puppy petting shesh for stress relief and guess who DIDN'T get to pet any cute and fluffy beebees??
Yep. That'd be me. 
There was a huge line of kids waiting to pet the pups and I heard a girl say that the dogs were so tired from people constantly touching them for the past few hours. When I heard that I just felt so sad for the puppies and left. :(
I've got a bajillion things to study and absolutely zero energy. Caffeine is my only friend. 
For anyone else (and well, mostly for me): if the punchy/beefy/weight-lifting/mighty mouse gif above isn't enough to help you keep on keepin' on here are some other things that should help get your hustle going..

Exhibit A) Meg Ryan "going to the mattresses" in You've Got Mail  (myy favess!! :-) )

Exhibit B) Meg Ryan (or should I say, Kathleen Kelly) duking it out

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