Saturday, May 5, 2012

bizz buzz busy

Ohh honey child, I am so ready to get out of school. Unfortunately for me I am still stuck in school with tons of finals exams. I've put off my Philosophy paper just to make this post. I'm hoping it'll help me get some extra, unproductive energy out of my system so I can finally crack down on this MAJOR ASSIGNMENT!!
My system is most definitely toxic with caffeine. But that's fine. 
I only have a week left of school until vacation, but it feels like an eternity. :P bleh. 
Been listening to a lot of weird/old music lately - (see below) I'm taking it as an indication of the stillness and static quality of my life right now. 
A few nights ago, I went to a senior sendoff for a school club I'm in and I felt like I watched a supernova burst right in front of me. Sad and cliche as it sounds, I felt like an entire chapter of my life closed and now I am ready to begin the next part of my life. Moving on. 
That was disgustingly corny. Toxic. Toxic. 
This only proves why it's important that I just try my hardest to get out of here!! FREEDOM is calling my name, but I still have so much schoolwork keeping me shackled up!! 
Don't you worry, freedom, we'll be united soon enough!
Here is my doodles.

and this really old music video - check the cool letterman jackets Posner is seriously working!! #clothesenvy

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