Saturday, October 11, 2014

some kinda jumbled up crazy

life is some kinda crazy jumbled up confusi-ment. 
-saw chicago wit my parentals, aunt and uncle at the saenger. so beautiful/nuevo-amero-italiana. 
*belissima* !!! :-* 
-decided the stage production is 20x times more intelligent and deep than the movie 👏👏👏
sarcasm city & dark humor, all aboard! 

in between there and here i journeyed up to arkansas wit the parentals for a wedding 
(hashtag) # exodus fo love # (hashtag) 
ate dis veggie subway sammy, en route! 🍃🌱

got some new reads at an antique store today!
emily dickinson & "who's afraid of virgina wolfe" 
the lady who owned the antique store got so excited when she saw me buy these and said "emily dickinson is my fav! i named my daughter after her!" 
i'm obvi more ampped now and 
ready ta read!! 

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