Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lil Jon Dragon Voice******

Got dis new shirt in Singapore Chinatown
Bacq wen I was in hurr gettin my CNY celebration on!
There is just a huge mish-mash of stuff I gotta get off my computer and phone so here it comes i guess...

 this wasn't on my phone, but i do really like the soundz of "real and true"

Went to PUCCINOS a couppla days ago wit my parentals.
The deco in there is amaze, lots of amero-italian kitsch. 
Good kitsch tho; ain't tryin ta be snarky.
A new Puccino's opened up by my g-ma house and there's always hella ppl inside.
Also, gettin obsessed wit ShiGGA Shay
He's a Singaporean rapper and he made this CNY rap 
and also his single Lim Peh is fine
hashtag comedy
hashtag limpeh
hashtag yasss

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